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The School Day​​​​​​​

In the morning, the school gates are opened at 08:30 and locked again at 09:00. In the afternoon, the school gates are opened at 15:00 and locked again at 15:30.

Children come in through the playground door or their classroom door depending on which class they are in. They are collected in the same way unless they have permission to walk home on their own. A form needs to be signed which can be obtained from the office.

Members of staff, including the Senior Leadership Team, are on the playground from 08.30 am until 09.00 am.

School Day Timings
  • 08:30 School Gates Unlocked
  • 08:45 Classroom Doors Open
  • 09:00 Classroom Doors Closed and School Gates Locked
  • 12:10 Lunchtime Begins
  • 13:10 Lunchtime Ends
  • 15:00 School Gates Open
  • 15:20 Children Leave School
  • 15:30 School Gates Locked

On Monday we meet as a whole school for an assembly about one of our six ‘Big Ideas’ that shape our world and our culture:

  • Planet Earth and the Universe
  • Civilisation
  • Human Creativity
  • Innovation and Exploration
  • Identity and Diversity
  • Personal Growth

These assemblies are led by different members of staff every week.

On Wednesday we meet in key stages for a singing assembly.

On Friday we meet as a whole school for our weekly celebration assembly led by Mr Wesley.

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