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Wild Cats Class Blog

Summer 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Wild Cats Class Blog

We have enjoyed a full half term back at school with no home learning – it’s been great to settle back into a routine and be together again!

We have managed to squeeze a lot in to these last seven weeks and, despite having lots of fun, we are all ready for a break!

In particular, we have really enjoyed our PE lessons this half term, especially as the weather has (mostly) been a little better and we can get outside! We have been improving our basketball and cricket skills and working towards playing larger matches.

A lot of our learning in the classroom has been based around Shakespeare and history. We have read, and thoroughly enjoyed, Romeo and Juliet and Henry IV – the two plays were very different which meant there was something for everyone! Based on these two classic plays, we have written: a narrative piece, a character description, a diary entry, a proclamation of war and a newspaper article.

In history, we have been researching, discussing and writing about who we believe to be the greatest Briton ever! We all came up with our own individual choices, a selection of these being: Emmeline Pankhurst, Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, Olaudah Equiano, Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale and many more!

We can’t believe that next half term will be our last one at Combs Ford! Although we will be sad to leave, we have lots to look forward to next half term, especially activities week.

We wish you all a happy half term!

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Spring Term 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Wild Cats Class Blog

Some of us started this half term at home but finally, we are back to school and all together again! Yay! Lots of us found learning at home really hard as we missed our friends, which interfered with our social lives!

Since we’ve been back at school, we’ve been enjoying reading the novel Floodland, by Marcus Sedgwick, which links to our learning about climate change. The novel is set close to home for us, in the city of Norwich!

Alongside this, we’ve been writing a balanced argument about the protests led by Extinction Rebellion. We’ve enjoyed exploring and considering the pros and cons of these protests and having the odd debate!

In art, we have kept with our theme of climate change and are currently producing climate change protest banners, (don’t worry, we aren’t planning to join in on any real protests)! Lots of us have found this really tricky as we’ve been sewing the banners – we are so thankful to have Mrs Pyke, our sewing expert!

We wish you all a happy end of term!

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Spring 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Wild Cats Class Blog

What a strange half term it has been!  Never-the-less, we have kept calm and carried on learning both in school and at home.  Rather than having one main topic, we were able to cover a range of 'micro-topics' each one lasting a week.  This has allowed us to explore lots of different things and we've thoroughly enjoyed it.

In our first week, we went 'into the forest', writing creepy narrative stories about a mysterious forest and creature living within.  We created artwork using watercolours here at school and whatever resources the children had at home, depicting tree and forest scenes.  Another week we really enjoyed was our week based on the sea.  We read a really interesting short story called 'An Ecounter At Sea' and wrote our very own poems.  Some of the children working at home even recorded themselves performing these poems.  We looked at 'The Ocean' by the poet Nathaniel Hawthorne and used that for inspiration.  We also really loved our mini-topic on Space.  We wrote space diaries, imagining we were astronauts heading up the Interational Space Station.  We also did some scientific research on the planets.

Throughout the whole half-term, we also looked at our PSHE topic which was all about 'Dreams and Goals'.  We talked about what we wanted to achieve both in the short term and long term.

In RE week, we learned all about Hinduism and the concepts of Brahman (the one central God that Hindus believe in) and Atman (the soul, or part of Brahman in all living things).  We found it fascinating learning about different cultures and what other people around the world believe.  

In school, we have been going golf for PE, practising our 'short-game' (using putters) and 'long-game' using wedges / irons.  We definitely enjoyed it but learned that some of us (Mr Fuller included) did not have the patience for golf.

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Autumn Term 2 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Wild Cats Class Blog

This half term we have been continuing with our learning all about Ancient Greece. We have been focussing on many Greek myths in our reading lessons, particularly Perseus and Medusa. In writing, we have created some newspaper reports and instructional writing based on the myth.

In the afternoons, we have been getting creative! We’ve designed and coded our own computer games using Scratch, we’ve composed music to go alongside the myth of Perseus and Medusa and we’ve even created some Medusa artwork in the style of Andy Warhol.

We’ve embraced the cold for our PE lessons and have enjoyed learning how to play hockey! Our indoor PE was much more relaxing though: we learned Pilates poses and combined these to make a sequence.

We have been developing our scientific understanding by looking at the biology of humans and animals and have learned how to keep our bodies healthy which we really enjoyed.

As you can tell, we’ve had another busy half term and are definitely ready for the Christmas break!

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Autumn Term 1 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Wild Cats Class Blog

Yay! We are finally back to school! It’s been a tough few months learning from home and we were all worried we would have forgotten our learning, but luckily, all of our knowledge has come back to us!

Throughout Year 6 so far, we’ve already covered many topics which all link to the theme of Ancient Greece. In history, we have been learning about key events which took place in Ancient Greece, such as the Peloponnesian War and many more. Furthermore, we have been eagerly reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – a book all about a young boy who finds out he is the son of Poseidon! As well as reading the book, we’ve also based our writing on this!

We really enjoyed tasting and cooking Greek foods for our families. We prepared a variety of traditional Greek foods such as: orange syrup cake, chicken souvlaki, tzatziki, fava, pitta bread, dolmades, spanakopita and pasteli. We did this to show just how much we appreciated our adults at home during lockdown and for continuing to support us with our transition into Year 6.

We’ve been super busy in other areas of learning and have had lots of enjoyable lessons across the timetable such as: maths, art, PE, RE, PSHE and science.

We are really looking forward to Autumn 2 and gaining more knowledge!

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