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Summer 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Sharks Class Blog

This half term has been a little bit of a crazy one! In reading and maths, we have concentrated on getting prepared for our mock-SATs, which were, for some of us, a real challenge.  Most of us enjoyed showing what we’ve learnt this year but we were glad when they were over. 

In writing, we homed Mr Fuller’s tortoise, Horatio, and wrote some instructions on how to build a suitable habitat for him.  We enjoyed watching him crawl around our Breakout Area and feeding him on the weeds from outside our classroom.  We had special names for all his spots in the tortoise table including: ‘Sunny Jim’, ‘Mount Ratio’ and ‘Broccoli Bridge’.

We spent plenty of learning time finishing our DT educational games.  We wired them, and although it was frustrating at times, most of us got them to work and were able to get them tested by some Y2 and Y3 children.  We had good fun building them, and learnt lots of good skills in woodwork and electricity. 

We also spent a good portion of time preparing for our Leavers Assembly.  We found it fun and stressful at times, and I’m sure caused Mr Fuller plenty of grey hairs!  When we’re writing this, we haven’t yet performed it, but when you get a chance to see it, we hope you enjoyed the show. 

In science, we have been learning about one of the most interesting topics: The Theory of Evolution. 

Perhaps the most enjoyable (for some of us) topic of this half term was our ‘Changing Me’ topic is PSHE / RSE.  We loved learning about puberty, relationships and how a baby is made.  Some of us found this too cringeworthy to discuss, while others found it hilarious!  Either way, we all definitely came away more informed. 

We spent the last week(s) of Year 6 having tons of fun: visiting Thorpe Woodlands, recording our Leavers’ Assembly, Combs Ford Taskmaster, having a water fight and, of course, our Leavers’ Party.  We have had an interesting, challenging but enjoyable end to our primary academic careers.  We are excited and nervous for next year (‘nerv-cited’ you may say) but are looking forward to the new opportunities it will allow us.

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Summer 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Sharks Class Blog

This half term, we have been doing a variety of interesting learning.  In writing and reading, we have been reading some stories by the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. 

Our first story was Romeo and Juliet.  We enjoyed this love tragedy where everyone died, or at least all of the important people.    Some of us enjoyed the romance on the balcony scene, while others enjoy the sword fighting and action.  In writing, we either became Romeo or Juliet, writing a diary of the famous party and balcony scene.  We really did have some true romantics in the class.  We also wrote the action scene where Mercutio and Tybalt are killed. 

Our second story was a lesser-known Shakespeare tale: King Henry IV.  This historical play is about a prince who doesn’t act very princely, and enjoys drinking in the local taverns and stealing from local travellers.  The story is based on the true story of Henry the fourth and fifth, but we think Shakespeare definitely exaggerated a little!  We wrote royal proclamations of war and designed and described our own bandits to join the prince’s gang.

Our big project for the afternoons has been a DT project, designing educational games.  We had to research current games, and then design and make prototypes of our actual games.  We haven’t completed the project yet but will be carrying on after half term. 

We have also enjoyed some history learning.  We were trying to answer the question: ‘Who is the Greatest Briton Ever?’  We explored the question and talked about how we can use historical sources to learn about the past and answer this difficult question.  We all chose our own figure and completed a project on them – some of us made PowerPoints, others made posters and we even had a speech.

In science, we have been learning all about classification, and how livings things are grouped.  We have also started our learning on adaptation and evolution. 

We’ve really enjoyed all of our learning this half term but are ready for a relaxing break! 


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Spring 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Sharks Class Blog

All half term, we have been learning about climate change.  We've learned that climate change is when dangerous fumes (greenhouse gases) are released into the air, making the Earth's atmosphere thicker.  This can lead to deadly and devastating side effects for our planet.  

In English, we have been writing a balanced argument about climate change protesting.  We've discussed what some climate change protesters do, and whether we think it is the right or wrong way to make change.  We had a class debate and things got quite controversial at times, but it was all in good fun.  For reading lessons, we have been reading a book called Floodland.  It is about a girl called Zoe, who lives in a future Norwich, where the whole world has flooded.  She escapes Norwich, but lands on a desolate and dangerous island full of tribes of children struggling to survive.  We have enjoyed discussing Zoe's decisions, and thinking about what we would do in her difficult position.

In art, we've been creating climate change banners.  We've used different sewing techniques, along with paint and pen, to design artistic and eye-catching creations.

In maths, we've continued our learning on position and direction, studying co-ordinate grids.  We've reflected and translated 2D shapes.

For PE, Mr Fuller has been becoming Brother Flower Power in yoga, and we've been playing tennis outside.  

In conclusion, we have thoroughly enjoyed the half term, but are ready for an Easter break where we will eat far too many chocolate eggs!

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Spring 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Sharks Class Blog

What a strange half term it has been!  Never-the-less, we have kept calm and carried on learning both in school and at home.  Rather than having one main topic, we were able to cover a range of 'micro-topics' each one lasting a week.  This has allowed us to explore lots of different things and we've thoroughly enjoyed it.

In our first week, we went 'into the forest', writing creepy narrative stories about a mysterious forest and creature living within.  We created artwork using watercolours here at school and whatever resources the children had at home, depicting tree and forest scenes.  Another week we really enjoyed was our week based on the sea.  We read a really interesting short story called 'An Ecounter At Sea' and wrote our very own poems.  Some of the children working at home even recorded themselves performing these poems.  We looked at 'The Ocean' by the poet Nathaniel Hawthorne and used that for inspiration.  We also really loved our mini-topic on Space.  We wrote space diaries, imagining we were astronauts heading up the Interational Space Station.  We also did some scientific research on the planets.

Throughout the whole half-term, we also looked at our PSHE topic which was all about 'Dreams and Goals'.  We talked about what we wanted to achieve both in the short term and long term.

In RE week, we learned all about Hinduism and the concepts of Brahman (the one central God that Hindus believe in) and Atman (the soul, or part of Brahman in all living things).  We found it fascinating learning about different cultures and what other people around the world believe.  

In school, we have been going golf for PE, practising our 'short-game' (using putters) and 'long-game' using wedges / irons.  We definitely enjoyed it but learned that some of us (Mr Fuller included) did not have the patience for golf.

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Autumn 2 2020

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Sharks Class Blog

This half term we have been continuing our learning about Ancient Greece.  In reading, we’ve read loads of myths and legends that the Ancient Greeks believed.  We have to say they were all very bizarre with gods transforming into flies, marrying people they shouldn’t and mythical creatures who needed to be defeated!  In writing, we’ve used the myth of Perseus and Medusa as inspiration, writing a newspaper article and set of instructions about the story. 

In music, we used the same myth (Perseus and Medusa) as a focus to compose pieces of music to match parts of the tale.  We learned all about key musical information and applied that to create our own short compositions, working in teams.  We performed these to each other. 

Medusa was our very own Marilyn Monroe in art, as we used Andy Warhol’s ‘Marilyn Diptych’ as a starting point.  We used computers to digitally edit our line drawings, colouring and then assembling them into interesting art pieces. 

In computing, we’ve used the school ipads to create games with Scratch.  We programmed different sprites to follow commands, and buttons so that we could use the touch screens.  It was definitely some of our favourite work we did this half term, but some people found it very challenging!

Animals, including humans was our science topic this half term.  We learned all about our bodies and how we live, with particular focus on the circulatory system.  We learnt what blood is made from and how the heart pumps it around the body.

PE was hockey and Pilates.  We enjoyed hockey the most; however, definitely suffered plenty of bruises and bumps when playing.  In Pilates, some of us enjoyed the calming nature of the activity, while others would have much rather have done something more energetic! 

In RE, we learned about Islam and Tawhid.  We enjoyed creating Islamic geometric art and learning what Muslims believe. 

In maths our focus was fractions.  We’ve learnt how to order and compare them, as well as using our four operations confidently. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed this term, but we are definitely ready for the Christmas break!

The Sharks.

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