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Elephants Class Blog

Summer 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Elephants Class Blog

It has been lovely to complete a half-term in full (yay!) and in the Woodpeckers we have crammed a huge amount into these past 7 weeks!

In English, we have been learning how to write an effective diary entry as well as a set of instructions. On top of this, we have also immersed ourself in our 2 week theme park unit, where we designed our own theme parks! We had the opportunity to draw a map of the park as well as write information about our rides for our theme park website, which everyone loved doing!

In Maths, we have broken away from the core operations and moved towards measurement, learning about money and telling the time. We also linked a lot of our learning into our theme park projects, where children had a budget to spend on rides and other attractions!

In topic we have been enjoying our ‘Stop That Noise!’ theme, learning all about how sound travels in science and using our knowledge of sound to sew some effective ear muffs as our DT and Art projects.

P.E has seen us experience plenty of games in our cricket and hockey unit, which the children have also thoroughly enjoyed.

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Spring Term 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Elephants Class Blog

These past few weeks we welcomed the Woodpeckers back to school after really stepping up to the mark with some excellent remote learning over the past half term! It took no time at all for everyone to settle back into the swing of things.

In English our writing has been all about convincing the world that chocolate should be allowed to be eaten in school! We have also enjoyed reading ‘Mr Gum’!

In Maths, we have rounded off our decimal learning before gaining a better understanding of money, answering many real-life tricky word problems!

In topic we have been enjoying our chocolate theme, designing and making our own chocolate truffles and learning about the Mayan people and the history of chocolate!

P.E has seen us hit the fairways and greens with our new golf topic, which has seen the kids enjoy learning how to hit long iron shots, chips and putts!



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Autumn 2 2020

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Elephants Class Blog

In maths this half term, we have worked really hard on our multiplication and division methods, which has been helped greatly by all the fun times table work we have been doing!

We have been reading the story ‘The Water Horse’ and thoroughly enjoyed watching the film and comparing the differences between them.

In computing, we have been coding Lego crocodiles to open and close their mouths and play noises, as well as working on our word processing skills!

This term:

Teddy has said, “This has been my favourite term in school and I loved learning my four operations.”

Mia said, “I have really enjoyed English this year and getting support when I need it!”

Dylan said, “I like P.E because we got to learn how to play football!”

Elsie said, “I really enjoyed maths and reading because it was great learning about The Water Horse and my times tables.”

Olivia added, “I’ve enjoyed all the subjects this term, particularly playing Times Table Rockstars.”

We wish all our Year 4 children and families a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Autumn Term 1 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Elephants Class Blog

The Woodpeckers have settled in brilliantly in Year 4, having had such a long time away from school! This term, we got stuck in to our dragons and electricity topic and have had a wonderful time learning about electrical circuits and producing a dragon head in art lessons where we created circuits to light up the eyes!
We have enjoyed our Dragons topic. We really enjoyed reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons, by Andy Shepherd. This book was very funny and talked a lot about dragon poo, which we loved!
We let our imaginations run wild when we had to write our own fantasy stories about dragons. Last week, we thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the local area and used the trip to answer our questions related to human and physical geography!


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Spring Term 1 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Elephants Class Blog

What have we been learning?

We have been learning about measuring in maths – like mm, cm and metres.  We have also learnt about multiplication and division. We have also been learning about statistics in maths which means understanding graphs, tables and tallies.

In reading we have been retrieving, clarifying and summarising information in the texts we have read.  We have been focusing on ‘Roman Britain’ and ‘You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Gladiator’.

In P.E we have been learning football skills and how to work in a group.

In our Topic subject we have been learning about the Romans, after the half term holiday, we are looking forward to going on a school trip to Colchester Castle.

In our English work we have learnt about Mount Vesuvius.  We have worked really hard on writing amazing Newspaper Reports.

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