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Our First Half Term in Bears Class

Posted: Oct 22, 2020 by: G Edwards (gedwards) on: Bears Class Blog

This half term in Bears class has been a blast! We have done lots of exciting things and have learnt a lot!

In our Reading lessons, we have been studying Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. We have loved it because it is action packed, and has a fantastic ending! In Writing, we have learnt all about stories, diary entries, and even instructions. It has been fun because we have learnt lots of new grammar and have been creative. We have written amazing diaries and loved our story writing too.

In Maths, we have looked at place value, written top tips to help others and even made our own human place value chart, so that we could understand how it should all work! We have also looked at addition and subtraction, and have brushed up on our skills.

As part of our topic lessons, we have been studying the Vikings. Did you know they didn’t actually have horns on their helmets? We have studied their longboats, shields and learnt all about Asgard and Valhalla.

Our DT project this half term was making pencil cases. We had to create a design brief, do market research and make prototypes before we produced our final products. We found it tricky at first, but we all managed it in the end (nearly!)

All in all, this half-term has been great! We’re looking forwards to the next one!


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