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Autumn Term 1 2019 Blog

Posted: Oct 18, 2019 by: D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog

What we did at Whitwell

Nearly everybody in our class had a lovely time at Whitwell at the end of September, where we had amazing food such as chicken pie, spaghetti bolognaise, treacle sponge with custard and apple crumble! Yum Yum!


One of our favourite activities whilst we were there was building dens from tarpaulin and rope. We aslo enjoyed fire making in different ways using aparatus like flint and steel, charcloth, saw dust and TDF (tumble dryer fluff!)


On our last day we went river dipping which was great as we nearly brought the whole river back in our wellies! We also raced wooden boats which we had made a decorated earlier in the week.


At Whitwell, even sleeping was fun - not to mention the midnight snacks of various sweets and the occasional hot chocolate.


One thing is for sure, we are all looking forward to our next residential trip - we cannot wait!


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