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Bears Class Blog

Summer 1 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog


We have had a great half term learning about all sorts of fun things.  When asked to think of a word which summed up their half term these were some of the adjectives the Nightingales chose included:

  • amazing
  • fun
  • awesome
  • fantastic
  • interesting

When asked about their top three memorable experiences in this half term these are their comments:

‘Making our Theme Park maps in maths lessons’ (Isla-Joy).

‘Learning how to sew and then making a Beanie and a pair of ear-muffs’ (Lexie).

‘Using a decibel reader in our Science lessons’ (Harry).

‘Reading the Philip Pullman book called The Firework Maker’s Daughter in our whole class reading lessons’ (Tilly).

‘Playing cricket and hockey in PE’ (Lillie).

Oscar said that he had enjoyed ‘smiling a lot’.

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Spring Term 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog

We returned to school three weeks before the end of the spring term.  Everyone felt a little bit strange, coming back to the classroom after so long at home.

Jasmine ‘I felt funny, as we had been at home for such a long time and were finally coming back to school.

Keira Rose ‘I felt great and very excited.’

Joey ‘I felt excited to see my friends and my teachers again.’

Harry ‘I felt a bit nervous but was happy to see my friends.’


Our chocolate topic helped us learn about the Mayan culture and about the history of chocolate. It also allowed us to learn about states of matter in Science.

This is what the class thought about this topic:

‘I enjoyed this topic because I got to learn how chocolate was made. I also liked being able to taste chocolate’ Lucas.

‘I enjoyed trying all the chocolates and making the truffles.’ Marley-May.

"I enjoyed tasting the chocolate and writing to Mr Clark to persuade him that we should eat chocolate in school.’ Lillie

‘I liked learning about the history of chocolate.’ Cameron

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Autumn Term 2 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog

This half term has been a bit different but still lots of fun.

Here is what we thought of it:

‘I loved learning about food chains.’ Marley-May.

‘ I enjoyed improving my football skills in PE this half term.’ Jack.

‘It was fun going on a bug hunt to look for invertebrates in the woods.’ Lucas.

‘I enjoyed our geography lessons about the Alps.’ Jasmine.

‘I found learning about newspaper reports brilliant.’ Ben

‘Learning about different types of maps was great.’ Jess

‘I felt really calm when we did our Pilates lessons.’ Ellie


‘We always have fun in Nightingales class, we really enjoyed learning how to sign We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ Olivia.


We are all looking forward to the Christmas holidays.  I wonder which ‘list’ we will be on!?

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Autumn Term 1 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog

The children in Nightingales class have really enjoyed the first part of the autumn term.
When we first came back to school, after such a long time off, we were all very nervous. We wondered what our new class would be like and were a little bit worried about the Big Bug!
But we soon settled in and got to know everyone.
We have enjoyed our Dragons topic. We really enjoyed reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons, by Andy Shepherd. This book was very funny and talked a lot about dragon poo, which we loved!
We also enjoyed creating dragon drawings with glowing eyes. We used what we had learned about electrical circuits to add light bulbs to our work.
Our imaginations ran wild when we had to write our own fantasy stories about dragons.
We also enjoyed welcoming a new child into our class!
What a great start to year 4.

Olivia says ‘I liked the art.’
‘We laugh loads in Year 4,’ says Ben.
‘Even though things are different because of the virus, we still have lots of fun,’ said Kyron.
‘I made a new friend,’ said Ahmet.

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Spring Term 1 2020 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Bears Class Blog

This half term, our topic has been all about The Romans and Italy.

We started by learning about Italy in geography, focusing on the human features like the Trevi fountain and physical features including the river Tiber. We learned lots about Rome including how it was founded by Romulus on one of 7 hills. 

One of the physical features we have learnt about is volcanoes. We looked at Mount Vesuvius, which was near the city of Pompeii. We have written newspaper reports about the eruption and destruction of the city. We learnt about how you can still visit Pompeii today.

We have learned loads about the Romans. When we were finding out about Roman soldiers, we discovered that they had to march 30km a day carrying all of their things - all that exercise sounds very exhausting! Life in Roman times sounded pretty gruesome - they liked to watch gladiators in the Colosseum fight to the death. However, it was much better for the girls as they weren't often allowed to be gladiators or soldiers. 

The Romans were very different to us. We compared our lives to theirs, including our houses compared to Roman villas. Their toilets and baths sounded quite strange and not very private! We would like to go and visit some of the ruins some day.

Our topic was just as fun as it sounds and the best part is we get to carry on learning about the Romans next half term! 

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