Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School

Welcome to Year Five. Years Five & Six are known as the 'Upper Key Stage 2'  and these are the oldest two years in our school.

Mrs Morris is the class teacher in Elephants class, and Mrs Edwards is the teachers in Bears class.  We are supported by our fantastic teaching assistants, Mrs Pyke and Mrs Neil. 


As young adults, we wish the children to develop even greater independence and more responsibility, so we give them many opportunities to demonstrate this. For example, our older children may be chosen to be:

  • Playground buddies
  • Library monitors
  • Lunchtime helpers
  • Support for younger children
  • Other monitor roles

We also have Break-Out areas for the older children, where small groups are allowed to spend agreed times without direct supervision. By giving the children the opportunity to demonstrate that they can be mature, sensible and trusted, we hope that they will develop a better understanding their responsibilities as young adults.