Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School

Star Reader Initiative

Many children in Year 3 and 4 can now read fluently and, in the past, teachers have noticed that the frequency of reading at home tends to reduce. Many children have progressed from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ but continue to benefit from daily reading at home with an adult or an older brother or sister.


Our Star Reader initiative aims to foster a love of reading for children in a way which is manageable for parents.

It is expected that all children will read at least five days a week during term time.  Any child who reads at home six days a week will be a Star Reader!


Whenever your child reads at home (either morning or evening) please make a note of it in their reading record book.  Children should bring their record book in to school every day so that the class teacher or the class teaching assistant can check their books.  Staff will keep a weekly check of who is reading at home.  On a Monday, any children who have read six days or more will be given a badge to wear for the week to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to reading at home.


When you read with your child, try to talk to them about what they are reading.  Talk about how characters are feeling, discuss what might happen next and chat about how the text is organised. We have some ideas of questions you can ask here.


Reading at home does not need to be too time consuming.  Reading for ten minutes every day makes a really big difference.  We are happy for more fluent readers to read to themselves as long as an adult signs their book. It is worth noting that even the more able readers still enjoy sharing a book with a grown up!


We hope you will support us in developing your child’s reading and comprehension skills. If you have any questions about this, please come and speak to your child’s class teacher.