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Summer 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Otters Class Blog

This half term our topic was Happy Days and the beach came to Combs Ford.  We had a great day playing in the sand, painting, making sculptures, watching Punch and Judy, eating ice creams and we even had a paddle!  In art we learnt all about mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and we created our own seascapes in the style of Lowry.  We also had a whole school art day which was really good fun.

‘I’ve loved all the PE.’

‘I have enjoyed our RE lessons.’

‘I have really liked the art lessons.’

‘Our science lessons have been great!’

‘I’ve enjoyed Teach Your Monster To Read.’

‘I have enjoyed rainbow time.’

‘I have enjoyed phonics.’

‘I’ve enjoyed maths.’

‘Our topic lessons have been brilliant/’

‘Music has been really fun.’

‘I have really enjoyed computing.’


We have all worked really hard this year and we are ready for our Year Two adventure!

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1st half Summer term 2021: Rainforest

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Otters Class Blog

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about the Amazonian rainforest. On a warm sunny afternoon, we had a walk up to Combs Wood and compared it to the rainforest. Our reading and writing has been focussed around non-fiction texts, through which we have learned lots of fascinating facts about the rainforest and the animals that live there. We have studied some artwork by Henri Rousseau and used different materials and collage techniques to create our own rainforest scenes - can you spot our animals hiding in these pictures?

Our verdict on this hal-term term...

"I enjoyed spellings because I have done well in my tests"

"I loved music because we could lots of thing to make noise and be loud."

"PSHE was great - I liked learning about friendships."

"I liked using all my new collage skills and getting messy in art."

....we've had a very busy, but fun, seven weeks!


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Spring Term 2 2021

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Otters Class Blog

It has been a strange spring term! Lots of us spent most of it learning at home. 


“I am glad to be back at school because it feels normal.”

“It is nice to be back because I like learning about maths.”

“I’m happy to be back at school because I like reading and doing English.”

“I am happy to be back at school because we are making puppets.”

“I am happy to be back at school because I missed my friends.”


Since we have been back in school all the time we have been very busy.


“We have been learning how to sew and make puppets.”

“We have been practising our handwriting.”

“We have been working really hard on ways to work out addition calculations.”

“In English we have been reading Supertato and we made our own comic strips.”


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2nd half Autumn term 2020: Toy Story!

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Otters Class Blog

Our focus in English has been reading and writing instructions. We have written a set of instructions to tell other people how they can make a reindeer decoration made out of lollipop sticks. We have also had our first try at using the computers to help us type up some instructions. We loved being able to change the font and the colour of the writing! Our phonics lessons have helped us become better readers and writers by introducing us to more phonemes.

In history lessons we have learned about how toys have changed over the past 70 years. We looked art some old toys and compared them to the toys we have at home. We also walked to the Museum of East Anglian Life to look at some of their toys which we noticed were made out of wood and none of them needed batteries! Thank you to the parents that came with us to make sure we were safe.

Our science learning has helped us to develop our scientific skills: we have carried out investigations with cars and ramps to find out how we can make a toy car travel further. We enjoyed rolling the cars down the ramps, but we did need to have a large space to work in because some of the cars travelled a long way!

We have designed and made cardboard roly-poly toys; we started off by looking at some roly-polies and then we tried different ways of joining wheels to the body. We painted our finished toys to make them look bright and colourful. The final touch was to design a face on the computer to stick on.

In our weekly Jigsaw lessons (PSHE), we have been thinking about the things that make us all different.

As we haven't been able to sing together, we have learned to sign some songs, including We wish you a Merry Christmas! Here is a photo of us in our hats, ready for Christmas dinner:

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1st half Autumn term 2020: On Our Doorstep

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Otters Class Blog

At the beginning of September, we planted some beans in our first science lesson and watched them grow for 6 weeks. We learned that plants need sunlight and water to help them grow healthily. Mrs Tanner put a bean in the cupboard which grew very tall but it was yellow and not very strong! We also looked at the plants that are growing around our school and tried to name them. We've also read and written our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.

On a sunny afternoon, we went for a walk around Combs Ford, looking at the human and physical features in our local area. We discovered there are a lot of trees in our town!

We've all enjoyed using the iPads to 'Teach My Monster to Read'. This has helped us with our reading skills. Lots of us are playing it at home too!

In art lessons, we have practised lots of different ways of printing. We used classroom objects, made our own stampers out of clay and then created collograph blocks by sticking leaves, string, sticks and bubble wrap onto cardboard.



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