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Reception Blog

Spring Term 1

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Reception Blog

It has been a strange term- with some of us in school and some of us learning at home! However, we have all been very 'Busy Bee's' learning at home and school.

We have explored lots of our favourite stories this term, from 'We're going on a Bear hunt' to Percy the Park Keeper's 'The Treasure Hunt'. We particularly enjoyed our 'Whatever Next' week. Here are some of the aliens we met in space! 

We have writing about everything, from describing our aliens, spelling new words and  and writing clues for hide and seek. Here are some clues that one of our little people wrote at home.

Each week we are learning a new number. We practise counting it and writing it- in lots of fun ways. We have been practising all of our maths skills from adding, subtracting to weighing and measuring length, 

We have started learning Phase Three of Letters and Sounds. We have loved the activities that go with each grapheme. We played in the jelly when we learnt j, made zooming zebras for z and threaded shoes for sh!


Next Half Term... Julia Donaldson

Our next few weeks will involve using Julia Donaldson’s brilliant stories for our re-telling, writing and art work.  We have been working hard on our handwriting using the letter rhymes to help form out letters correctly. Each week we have a ‘number of the week’ and we are using numbers up to 20 to add, subtract

Here is a sneak peek of our Gruffalo week...

Mr Clark phoned us as there was a Gruffalo on the loose! We made WANTED posters so everyone knew what he looked like. We also had great fun making Gruffalo crumble! We used pastel and watercolours to make owl illustrations after thinking about the different characters in the Gruffalo. 


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Celebration Assembly

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Reception Blog

Last half term we launched our Reception ‘Celebration Assembly’.

Every Wednesday we all come together to celebrate our achievements. We start by singing the ‘Wake Up, Shake Up song!’

We then see which class is taking ‘Colin the Cockerel’. He spends the week with the class who have been early to school every day!

Then ‘Golden Mentions’ are given out to people who have been superstars that week. They might have been working really hard or have been spotted following the ‘Rainbow Rules’.

If we are receiving a certificate then our special people from home are also invited to join us.  We receive a certificate when we have filled up our learning charts.

We also celebrate achievements outside of school. So far we have celebrated swimming, gymnastics and reading achievements.


Thanks to all of the parents who have come to our assembly – we love having you celebrate with us!

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Firefighter visit

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Reception Blog

Today the children from Reception had a special visitor, Blake's uncle! He came to tell us all about his job as a fire fighter. The children listened very carefully and learnt lots about how to keep themselves safe!

Thank you Troy for coming and spending the afternoon with us!

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Autumn Term 1 2019 Blog

D Plowman (dplowman) on: Reception Blog

Just before half term the children in Reception went on a ‘Welly Waddle Teddy Toddle’. Parents were invited to join all of us little ones for an afternoon of fun. The teddy bears had escaped from reception and we had to hunt to find them. We managed to find 17! After all of our hard work we went inside and enjoyed the bear biscuits we had made. This fun afternoon managed to raise over £90 and we were able to buy a brand new parachute!


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