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How is extra support allocated to children and how do they progress in their learning?

The school budget, received from central government, includes money for supporting children with SEND. In addition to this, schools can apply for High Needs Funding from the Local Authority where a child has complex needs and requires specific provision for an exceptional level of need. 

The Head Teacher decides on the deployment of resources for SEND, in consultation with the school governors on the basis of needs in the school. 

The Head Teacher and the SENCo discuss all the information they have about SEND in the school. From this information, they decide what resources/training and support is needed.

Within our school we have adults who are allocated to different areas of the school to help support children with additional and special educational needs. Where these adults are based varies on the needs of the pupils in our school and changes throughout the year based on monitoring and assessment. 

The SENCo, in discussion with the Class Teachers, Phase Leaders and Head Teacher, decides where these adults will be deployed and works closely with them to ensure the provision is geared to meet the needs of the children. Children's progress is monitored when receiving extra support and the effectiveness of it is evaluated after a designated time scale. Children who are on the SEND Register also have an Individual Provision Map which provides evidence of the support they have received and how effective it was. 

The school identifies the needs of SEND pupils on a provision map. This identifies all support given within school and is reviewed regularly and changes made as needed, so that the needs of children are met and resources are deployed as effectively as possible.

The progress of children on the SEND Register is also monitored through their individual Support Plans. Targets are set each term although these are constantly adjusted and changed as needed throughout the term e.g. if a child is struggling with their target then it will be changed accordingly to make it more achievable. Alternatively, if a child achieves their target before the end of the term then a new target will be set to encourage them to further their progress.


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