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How can I let the school know that I am concerned about my child's progress?

 Talk to your child's class teacher(s)

Talk to your child's Phase Leader

(Miss Gregory - Reception, Mrs Shutler - Year 1 & 2, Mrs Gaffney - Year 3 &4, Mr Fuller - Year 5 & 6)

Talk to the SENCo - Miss Helen Fuller

Talk to the Headteacher - Mr Russell Clark

Talk to the SEND Governor

How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child's learning?

Teachers are constantly assessing and reviewing your child's learning and progress, in all areas of the curriculum as well as their personal development and wellbeing. This information is used to inform planning and to move children on.

Part of teachers' roles and responsibilities is to identify any gaps in children's knowledge and address this. This happens on a daily basis, is a part of the high quality teaching we expect in our school and you will not always be informed at this stage.

If a teacher has concerns even after support and different strategies have been put in place, they will ask to meet with you to discuss these. This could be at a Parents' Consultation or in addition to. 

As soon as there are any concerns that your child is not progressing at a rate that we would expect of them we would discuss this with you and look at ways to help and support both your child and you.



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