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Who are the best people to talk to about my child's difficulties with learning/special educational needs or disability?

The best thing to do if you have any concerns is arrange a time to speak with your child's class teacher(s). They will be able to let you know how your child is doing and if they share any of your concerns. 

As a school we hold two parents' consultation evenings throughout the year but never feel that you have to wait until these times to talk about how your child is progressing. 

Each teacher will be aware of where your child is academically - their strengths and areas where they need to improve. They can share this information with you and any strategies that they may use in the classroom to assist your child. They can also offer advice on how you could support your child at home. 

Class teachers all differentiate to allow children to access the content of lessons. This is part of the everyday high quality teaching that we expect in our school. If the class teacher feels your child is not responding to the support being put in place they may discuss your child with other teachers within the Phase (Reception/Year 1 and 2/Year 3 and 4/Year 5 and 6). Support may be put in place using teaching assistants or booster groups run by teachers. Phases may also consult Miss Fuller, the school SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) to seek advice about interventions and programmes that may be available to help. 

If you continue to have concerns about your child then please contact Miss Fuller through the school office or by email (see below) to arrange a time to chat or appointment. 



The class teacher

Responsible for

  • Carefully differentiated planning to meet the needs of all learners.
  • High quality teaching.
  • Liaison with the SENCo regarding particular provision needed for identified pupils with SEN and support from external agencies.
  • Liaison with the SENCo to support pupils who are underachieving and are having their progress monitored, but do not have an identified special educational need. 
  • Ensuring effective deployment of resources - including teaching assistant support to maximise outcomes for all learners. 
  • Having high expectations of all learners.


The SENCo - Miss Helen Fuller (

Responsible for

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the school’s SEND policy.
  • Coordinating provision of children with SEND.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the special educational needs provision
  • Ensuring that you are involved in supporting your child's learning, are informed about the support your child is getting and involved in reviewing how they are doing. 
  • Liaising with and advising colleagues on the teaching of pupils with SEND.
  • Advising on the deployment of the school’s SEND budget and other resources to meet pupils’ needs effectively.
  • Liaising with parents of pupils with SEND.
  • Liaising with early year providers, other schools, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, and independent or voluntary bodies.
  • Liaising with potential next providers of education to ensure a pupil and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition between Nursery to Reception, between year groups, between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and to High School.
  • Working with the headteacher and the school governors to ensure that the school meets its responsibilities under the Equality Act (2010) with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements.
  • Ensuring that the school keeps records of all pupils with SEND up to date.
  • Contributing to the professional development of all staff.
  • Meeting on a regular basis with other SENCOs in the MAT (Multi Academy Trust), to share ideas and concerns and to discuss new initiatives and documents.

The Headteacher - Mr Russell Clark

Responsible for

  • The day-to-day management of all aspects of the school; this includes the support for children with SEND.
  • Ensuring that your child's needs are met.
  • Ensuring that the Governing Body is kept up to date about issues relating to SEND.


The SEN Governor

Responsible for

  • Making sure that the necessary support is given for any child with SEND who attends the school.


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