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What support do you have for parents of a child with SEND?

  • There are two Parent Consultation evenings arranged during the year. One in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term.
  • The class teacher is regularly available to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have and to share information about what is working well at home and school, so that similar strategies can be used.
  • The SENCo is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns/worries you may have.
  • All information from outside agencies will be discussed with you either with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report.
  • Support Plan targets will be reviewed with your involvement every term.
  • The school has opened up the school for training sessions for parents. We have run two parenting courses to which parents have responded positively. We are currently working with Realise Futures offering courses for parents throughout the year. So far, they have offered a reading, maths and English courses.
  • Where it is believed it can help, sessions are run with a child and their parent alongside our nurture worker. This has helped to support parents who are having difficulties at home or where the child is finding the transition from home to school difficult. 
  • The school, if possible, will lend out resources for parents to borrow for short periods of time or to trial at home before buying.
  • The SENCo consults with parents about issues in SEND and initiatives the school are considering. Currently, opinion is sought through letters or emails and offers an opportunity for parents to share their views and ask questions about SEND, and often wider school issues. 
  • There is a termly Inclusion Newsletter where the SENCo tries to highlight support in the area e.g. parenting groups, parent meetings and School Nurse Drop Ins. 
  • Any information that we are sent as a school is displayed in the Entrance Hall as you enter the school. Information about extra support sessions can also be found on the SEND Home Page.


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