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The Family Learning Project

Sometimes we all need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, especially when it comes to school work!

This is where our Family Learning Project comes in - it is something we invented and has been so successful, that it is now used by a number of other schools right across the country!


So, what is it?


Each year we invite a number of families to join the project - it is a joint project which involves both the child and the parents. The project consists of a number of 'Challenge Booklets' which the children work through, at home with their parents, brothers or sisters, grandparents, etc....

Each week, Mrs Moore will have some dedicated 1:1 time with each child, looking at what they have managed to do at home, giving them lots of praise and building up their confidence. Together, they then choose the next challenge.

Mrs Moore will then provide ALL the resources they need by putting together a special pack of bits and bobs for the child to take home. Over the next week, the family work their way through the new challenge at home.

This then repeats itself, throughout the year, with each children trying to complete as many of the challenge booklets as possible.

Through this project we have seen many children's self-esteem and enthusiasm grow immensely, leading to greater achievement and progress. The feedback from parents has been fantastic too, with many asking if they can continue with the project at the end of the year!

The aim is to create a life-long 'learning relationship' between the child and their parents which will allow the parents to help their child develop into an enthused and independent learner in their own right.

if you'd like to know any more about this project, pop along and see Mr Clark!