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Combs Ford Primary School

Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School

Nurture & Additional Care

All children are nurtured and cared for, but from time to time, some children may require a little extra support. Examples might be when:

  • a child first joins the school and is a little overwhelmed
  • a family issue causes a child distress, such as the loss of a close family member or a family break-up
  • friendship issues

At times like these, we are able to support children through the use of our very special 'Rainbow' facilities.

We take the nurture and care of children very seriously and as such, we have the following special provisions:

  1. A specially set up nurture room, with a wide range of nurture based facilities and resources to help support children in times of difficulty. This is known as our RAINBOW ROOM.
  2. We employ a member of staff to lead our nurture support and facilities - she is known as our RAINBOW WORKER.
  3. A second member of staff also works in our Rainbow Room, alongside our Rainbow Worker.

Throughout the year, depending upon the current needs within the school, the Rainbow Worker will run a wide range of sessions, groups and activities designed to support and nurture the children. We are very proud of how extremely successful this has been over the past few years - many children have and still are benefiting from this provision.