Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School

Policies & Procedures

Here you will find a number of our key policies.

Some of these are specific to our school only, but others are shared policies for all schools within our MAT -  the Children's Endeavour Trust group.

If you would like a paper copy of any our policies, please contact the office who will be happy to help, free of charge. 

You can view all of the MAT shared policies by clicking here:


As Combs Ford only joined C.E.T on 1st April 2020 please be aware:

  • Some of the school specific policies are now being transfered to trust shared policies and for this reason, there will be a period where both versions may be available (the existing school version on our school site and the shared trust versions on the trust's site). This allows you to see boith the current and the soon to be adopted policies. Once they have been formally adopted / transfered, only the new polciy will be available.


  • Until they have been updated to include Combs Ford's name, a number  of the trust level policies will not show our name. This does not mean they have not been adopted, just that they need to be updated to include the names of all schools that are now within the trust.
Current 'Quick View' Policies:

You will always find at least one of our policies available for 'Quick View' - this is often a new or recently updated policy. All policies above can be viewed by clicking on the title or the picture.