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Online Safety


Here at Combs Ford Community Primary School, we are fully aware of the importance of staying safe online and we ensure our children are provided with an up to date and progressive Online Safety curriculum.

We encourage our children to follow the SMART rules in order to remain safe online.

If you're not sure what the letters SMART mean, Childnet have uploaded some great videos to explain each one, which you can watch here.


Below is the list of learning objectives we cover every term in each year group:

Year 1

Term 1: Intro to what we use the internet for and how to stay safe online

Term 2: Keeping personal information private

Term 3: How to safely send an email

Year 2

Term 1: How to stay safe online and reporting anything of concern

Term 2: Understanding what a ‘digital footprint is’

Term 3: Knowing how to demonstrate safe online behaviour

Year 3

Term 1: How to stay safe online (recap) and how to keep a secure password

Term 2: What is cyber bullying?

Term 3: How to safely send and receive emails

Year 4

Term 1: How to use a search engine safely and efficiently

Term 2: What does the term ‘copyright’ mean?

Term 3: How to create a safe online profile

Year 5

Term 1: How to perform online safety in various scenarios and how everything online isn’t what it seems

Term 2: How to create strong passwords

Term 3: To show an understanding of the potential risks of going online (Creating a multiple choice quiz)

Year 6

Term 1: The reasons you shouldn’t ilegally download material

Term 2: What is the impact of cyberbullying?

Term 3: To communicate their understanding of online safety for a specific audience (Creating a comic strip to tell the rest of the school how to stay safe online, using all concepts learnt from previous years)



If you are ever concerned by the risks posed by an app or website your child is using online, head to the National Online Safety website.

Download the following parental support guides for the most popular devices, apps and games below: