Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School


If your child is unwell and you are unsure whether they should come to school or not, please use this flowchart as a guide:

Having good attendance is vital if your child is going to do well at school - it really is that simple!!

Whilst we would like to see every child have an attendance of 100%, we recognise that this is not always possible, due to illness. However, we do expect children to have an attendance of at least 96% unless there are very good reasons.

We have a policy for attendance which is shared with all the Stowmarket schools - please visit our policy page to find, read and download if you wish, our policy document.

As a way of explaining the huge impact that poor attendance can have on a child's future, please see the table below, based upon genuine fact:

 A Child's Attendance at School

The Likelihood of them getting 5A* to C grades at GCSE

(The chance of them doing well at High School)

 94% or above  Very Good
 93%  Good
 92% Fair 
 90%  <50% chance
 88%  <35% chance
 <88% <30% chance