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Rwanda Resources

11 February 2020 (by D Plowman (dplowman))

Have a look at all of the fabulous resources Mrs Gaffney will be taking with her to Rwanda this week!

Only a few more days until Mrs Gaffney goes to Rwanda and look at all of the fabulous resources she's taking with her thanks to our fundraising! There are... 4 parachutes, 6 foam frisbees, 12 tennis balls, 6 rounders balls, 2 rounders bats, 4 inflatable talk balls, 1 basket ball and pump, times table display monsters, 100 biros, 1 inflatable globe, 20 skipping ropes, foam letters and numbers, 200 number spinners (they sent too many!), a class set of multiplication rainbows AND 100 balloons (just for fun!). Thank you to everyone who contributed!