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Year 6 Home Learning

Good morning all!

Welcome to your first day of remote learning. 

We've got some work together for you to do over the next three days, and will be in touch as soon as possible about how remote learning will work after the weekend.  Remember that we are always available on email ( / if you have any questions.  Just remember, if you are emailing us yourself, you need to copy an adult's email in too (if you're not sure how to do this, speak to an adult at home or have them email us).  

We're really looking forward to when we can see you in person again!

Mr Fuller and Miss Hunt.


Here's the learning for this week: 

Initial lockdown (March - July 2020)

Below is the home learning for the initial lockdown period - please note that after the 1st June, no home learning was provided as children were invited to be back in school.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Week 1 (23rd March) See post above Week 1 Day 2 Week 1 Day 3

Week 1 Day 4

W1D4 - Arithmetic Test 1

W1D4 - Arithmetic Test 1 Extension

W1D5 - Maths - Pie Chart Questions
Week 2 (30th March) Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 Day 2

W2D2 - Arithmetic Test 2

W2D2 - Arithmetic Test 2 Extension

Week 2 Day 3


Week 2 Day 4

Week 2 Day 5

W2D5 - Ratio Test Questions

Easter holidays History project

Mr Fuller's Videos:

Stone Age Britain      
Bronze and Iron Age Britain      
Roman Britain      
Anglo-Saxon Britain      
Medieval Britain      

Transition project

Hello adults and children!  Firstly we’d like to say that we hope that you have had a very relaxing and enjoyable Easter break. 

This week’s learning has some tasks based around the transition project set by Stowupland and Stowmarket High Schools.  They have asked all students to create an interesting and informative autobiographical poster.  If you are going to either of those schools, the posters will be excellent for introducing yourself and there will be awards for the best!  If you’re not going to either of those schools, it will still be a useful thing to have to tell your new school all about yourself. 

We’ve tried to break down the tasks across the week so that you can complete it little-by-little.  Equally, if you have any ideas of your own to create the poster, feel free to do so (we just wanted to offer some suggestions!)

If you have large poster paper and want to produce it fully feel free!  If you don’t, keep all your individual bits and you can put it together when we get back to school.

Also, as part of your transition, could you please follow this link and complete this survey form if you haven't already.

Transition poster

Week 3 (20th April)
Monday 20th April Tuesday 21st April Wednesday 22nd April Thursday 23rd April Friday 24th April
Week 4 (27th April) Week 4 - all activities in one
Week 5 (4th May) Week 5
Week 6 (11th May) Week 6
Week 7 (18th May) Week 7
Week 8 (1st June) Week 8