Welcome to Combs Ford Primary School

Reading Schemes

We have a wide variety of different reading schemes, including Oxford Reading Tree, Storyworld, Risby Stars, Fireflies and Collins Big Cat Phonics within our school, allowing children to access books that they enjoy reading. 




We also have synthetic phonics books in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

The books are grouped to enable children to build on their reading skills, phonics and keyword knowledge, using the colour scheme below.  The children work their way through these bands.  Children in Year One and above choose their own books from the shelves.

We encourage the children to read a range of books from different reading schemes and different authors so that they become well read individuals.

Reading at home with your child is an essential part of their education.  As they read more, their fluency and comprehension also improve and this in turn helps their writing. 

Below are some documents that you can download to help you when reading with your child at home.

Ways to help your child read

Questions to ask your children when hearing them read

What to read next - a useful guide if your child is stuck on one author!

The Ultimate Guide to 'What Next' - links to the What to read next guide. (You will need to click on the + or zoom button in order to zoom in so that this will be readable).