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How We Assess

What Do We Mean By Assessment?

All schools are required to have a system for measuring both the attainment (ie ability level) and the progress being made by, every child.

Schools are free to assess children in their own way, however the government carry out national tests of children at the following stages of their schooling:

  • At the beginning of their Reception Year - known as a Baseline (currently discontinued)
  • At the end of Year 1 & 2 - tests on Phonic knowledge
  • At the end of Year 2 - known as the Key Stage 1 Assessment
  • At the end of Year 6 - known as the Key Stage 2 Assessment 

Schools across the country have decided how best to organise their own assessments and these may not match other schools. 

At Combs Ford Primary School we have decided to assess children's attainment and progress in Years 1-6 using a series of 'steps' and 'bands'. Please see the following outline for an overview:

  • At the beginning of the Reception year, we carry out a Baseline Assessment to record each child's ability upon entry to school. This also helps us measure progress across the Reception year!
  • Through Years 1 - 6, each year group is known as a band, where there are a series of national statements outlining what a child ought to be able to do.
  • A child's ability is measured using a series of 6 steps within each of these bands.
  • A child's progress will be measured annually by the number of steps achieved.
  • Each step will have a value of 2 points; in a single year we would expect a child to make 12 points progress, or 6 steps!


Reception Aged Children in More Detail:

During the Reception year, we assess the children in two ways -

a) Progress - we look to see what stage of development each child is at when they first join us and then compare this to the stage they have reached by the end of the year. This uses a system called 'Development Matters' which the Reception teachers will be happy to explain in more detail if you wish.Typically, we would expect:

- a child entering Reception to be comfortably within the 30-50 month band, or just inside the 40-60 month band

- by the end of the Reception year, to have achieved / be firmly within the 40-60 month band


b) Attainment - we measure the children's ability in 7 key areas and assess them as either:

- emerging (not quite at the expected level)

- expected (at the expected level)

- exceeding (beyond the expected level)


Our policy for assessment is created in a booklet format, which  summarises all of the above.

Please visit our policies page to find a copy of this policy that you may view online or download.